Overview of activities and people

At our lab our overarching goal is to improve the outcomes of people living with severe mental illness. We believe that precision methods such as genetic approaches (e.g. Mendelian Randomization and polygenic risk scoring) may contribute a more refined understanding of severe mental illness, while randomized controlled trials, evidence synthesis studies, and cohort and real-world studies can improve the treatment options for patients suffering from psychiatric disorders. Under 'Projects' you may find examples of projects our group is working on.

As a research group, we believe it is only by joining forces and leveraging cross-pollination between people with diverse backgrounds that we can achieve such goals. We aim to maintain a safe working environment where coworkers are free to speak and discuss ideas. Under 'People' you may find some of the staff dedicated to the aforementioned projects, ranging from people with a clinical to a more biostatistical background. 

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