Books & Smartphone Applications
• ‘Acute psychiatrie’ (national emergency psychiatry guidelines, director and first author: printed book & website (, Van Zuiden communications, 2017 & updated in 2022, BSL by Springer Nature)
• Moleman Psychopharmacology, chapter Antipsychotics (2022).
• Leerboek Bipolaire Stoornissen, chapter Genetics (2022).
• Chapter ‘Somatic causes of psychosis’ in ‘Handboek schizofreniespectrumstoornissen’ (2019).
• ‘Leerboek acute geneeskunde’ (editor for all chapters on psychiatric disorders and author of some of those chapters, 2018)
• Smartphone application ‘Acute psychiatrie’: easy-to-use application allowing rapid decision-making in emergency psychiatry situations (2018).

Platforms & Projects contemporary topics in psychiatry, ranging from new research findings to societal debates and arts.
Neurologisch onderzoek voor de psychiater (met Klaas Arts, free videos about the essentials of neurological examinations in psychiatry). monthly online, free PsychX talks by psychiatrists and researchers working in mental healthcare, set up by Christiaan Vinkers and me
• (under construction): platform to boost eco-friendly and circular mental healthcare.

Selection of media appearances / interviews
Generative AI for learning in psychiatry, Trouw (2023).
Psychotropics in surface water, NOS nieuws, Radio 1, Trouw, BNR nieuwsradio & Vroege Vogels, among other outlets (2023).
Leveraging genetics for improved treatment outcomes in psychiatry, BNR Nieuwsradio (2022).
Representation and outcomes of patients with psychotic disorders in Volkskrant, Trouw, het AD, DOQ en persbericht van de Universiteit Maastricht (2022).
Medisch Contact: Extreem rechtse psychose of ideologie? (2020).
VPRO Tegenlicht Meet-up: Mijn DNA (vanaf minuut 9 beginnend) (2020).
• Medisch Contact: Interview about genetic findings in anorexia nervosa (2019).
• UMC Utrecht: Interview about my research directions (2018). 

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